Her catwalk is the sidewalk.
Her catwalk is the sidewalk.

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Quel Beast!

The classic fairy tale of the Beauty and the Beast tells the story of a timeless beauty who falls in love with a former-hunk-turned-hulk. As Beauty and Beast get to know one another, true love and devotion grow from friendship and mutual respect, and Beast is transformed back to a handsome prince. Le sigh. If only more couples could end up like Monsieur et Madame Beast…

Think again. Fast forward to present day and you will find a new version of this story. Today, Beauty’s “Beast” is a well known public figure in sports, entertainment, or politics, who has a seemingly decent reputation in society - until he is caught doing something really stupid…


Le boo-hoo-hoo…

 Run, don’t walk, Huma!

Beastly behavior is never in style. So why have so many beautiful and brilliant women – after being devoted to these beasts - been publicly humiliated by them? And why do these arrogant men continue to cover up? It’s truly baffling...

Arnold and Maria

Arnold and the maid…

 Tiger and Elin

Tiger’s other (très classy) women…

John Edwards, his lovely wife Elizabeth, and family

Rhielle Hunter. Classy.

Gov. Mark Sanford and family

Blah, blah, boo-hoo, “but she’s my soulmate”…

Eliot Spitzer and family

Eliot’s escort trying to count…

America’s Sweetheart and Jesse James

One of Jesse’s girls. Where did he find a woman like that?

Former Congressman Lee and family

He’s just a fit, fun, classy guy…

Beast and Beast: Leann Rimes & Eddie Cibrian (and former spouses) before the affair

Why so clingy, Leann? I’m sure your new hubs isn’t using you.

One trend that seems to have emerged from all of this is the post-beast detox, where once purged of the beast, the Beauties of today become even more beautiful. They look stronger and better than ever. Well done, Sandy!

Now that’s some pretty fabulous detox. And for the happily-ever-after, I recommend the following…

 The End.


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Frock Pockets

When I’m flitting about between boutiques on the sidewalks and streets, especially at prime people-watching places about town, I don’t miss a trick. Every fashion statement, hit, and misstep is catalogued in the blink of my Gucci-shaded eyes.


Lately, a trend-gone-wrong that has stopped me in my click-clacks – and, if I weren’t a lady, would leave my jaw hanging – is the shirtdress. It may as well be renamed the “dress-shirt” – as in, dress that shirt up with some pants, please!


When you get it right, a simple, clean-cut shirtdress is a chic staple every girl should own. My pretty picks: Ralph’s timeless number in rich buttery biscuit and Shoshanna’s prim perfection in geranium.


The cherry on top? Pockets! Frocks with pockets make me smile & want to toss my Burberry hat in the air à la Mary Tyler Moore.


A shirtdress is also the perfect answer to that daily nagging question, “What on earth will I wear today?” as you stand in a closet stuffed with clothes and shoes. Girl, you know it’s true.

Not a thing to wear!

Buyer beware:  there’s a sea of wannabe shirtdresses out there just waiting for you to slip-up, so a discerning eye is critical. Don’t be fooled by cheaper fabrics that are ill-fitting and cause those unsightly in-between-button pulls. If the fabric looks and feels cheap, it probably is!

A hint that a dress is well made? You guessed it: frock pockets. Just knowing they exist makes me feel 110% sassier.


The tip du jour?  The shirtdress is a dress styled with the details of a shirt. Not a shirt to be worn as a dress. So if it looks like you’re channeling Tom Cruise à la Risky Business - call me a relic, call me what you will, say I’m old-fashioned, say I’m over the hill – you should probably put some pants on.

Where the couch-jumping started...

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High Stakes Style

As I look at the gowns streaming down the red carpet I always wonder what makes a gown Oscar-worthy? Even for those lucky celebs who have numerous occasions to get dolled up for, the Academy Awards are still a pretty monumental wardrobe decision.

So knowing the style stakes are so high, it’s always surprising to me that some actresses can still manage to get it wrong. Of course there’s a few who get it right. These are the Oscars! I expect to be shown something pretty that wows me!  Here’s some highlights from 2010:

Demi Moore – I adored her feminine, perfectly draped, peach ruffle-tiered Versace. She gets my best-dressed vote! The only thing missing? Her perfect accessory-of-a-husband.


Sarah Jessica Parker – I loved her pale yellow, metallic rosette-encrusted Chanel gown. Along with her piled-high hair, it reminded me of something Holly Golightly would wear.


Rachel McAdams – was feminine and pretty in a refreshing watercolor Elie Saab frock in blue, green and pink.

[

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Please Block These Colors From My Sight

I’m sure you’ve seen the dresses. They’re everywhere.  Basically, they’re the worst of the color-block trend: the top half  is one color, the bottom is another color, and the waist band is (you guessed it) yet another shade. What I need to know is, when did this so-called trend start – and more importantly, when will it end?

No wonder the girl above looks so annoyed – she has buyer’s remorse. Her dress doesn’t even fit well. What drives a girl to purchase this? Celebs aren’t exempt. Even with Kelly’s belt and Miley’s beads it’s still just a boring, cookie-cutter dress.


This look bored me to tears the first time I saw it, and it will continue to, until the trend dies. It’s not that the dress is necessarily hideous – I’m sure a girl could look cute wearing it (I’ll concede “cute” to Miley above) – but what’s unique, fun, or fashion forward about it? Crickets chirping…

Some attempts have been made to seasonally update it – with cap sleeves, short sleeves, even ¾ and long sleeves – but really, what’s the difference? Same snoozefest, different sleeves.

Maybe I’m in the minority here and I’m sorry if you have one hanging in your closet (and if you do, feel free to let me know what makes it so fab) – but as Tim Gunn would say, I’m just not “wowed”.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….. wake me up when this excuse of a trend has run its course…

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Spandex: a privilege, not a right.

Thanks to Eric in Richmond for suggesting this fashion offense as a topic!



She gets points for confidence…


Enough said.

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