Her catwalk is the sidewalk.
Her catwalk is the sidewalk.

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Thank Heaven for Lily Girls

The setting: The home of much-loved junior fashion plate and all around girly-girl, Lily Bertles. Her Mom, Aunt Steph and I are helping her get ready for her first Father-Daughter dance at school. The last time Lily graciously gave her time for Medestrian Minutes, she was 6 ½. She is now much wiser (a full year’s worth!) at 7 ½.

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First order of business when we arrive:  give Lily a few essentials for the evening  – a selection of pink lipglosses and a white, lace design compact mirror.  As she is ooh-ing and aah-ing over her goodies, the rest of the “girls” open a bottle of prosecco.

So Lily, what is your favorite part of your outfit?

Lily:    I don’t know…I like the shoes…well…I like the dress and the shoes. I’ll say those are my favorite things.

Tell me about your shoes.

Lily:    Hmmm…how would I describe them…they have flowers on them and they’re white. They’re basically sandals, you know. And, on the flowers, there’s little tiny silver dots.

What purse will you carry?

Lily:    Probably the one you gave me, Aunt Dolly – the gold one – and it has a gold bow on it? That’s the one.


Lily then runs upstairs to change into her bathrobe and comes back downstairs – let the primping begin! From hair to mani/pedi, we’re in full girly-girl mode.


What essentials will you carry in your purse?

Lily:     Let me think. I know I’m gonna put some lipgloss in but don’t know which color…can we come back to this question?

Sure. Do you have any advice for other girls getting ready for a dance?

Lily:    Well…(she is deep in thought for a minute)…girls should NOT wear a short dress – but a long dress. And it should be…pink! And the shoes – they should be white or black!

Is this your first dance?

Lily:    Yes!

So, any more thoughts on what you’ll need in your purse?

Lily:    Yes…(as she tries on the different lipglosses we brought her)…I’m going to bring at least one of these glosses, and definitely my mirror. My pretty new white mirror. From you guys.

Is there any song you’re hoping to dance to tonight?

Lily:    Umm…California Girls! Oh and Teenage Dream! (Katy Perry also happens to be the soundtrack of this evening’s little primping-party.)

What color have you selected for your nails?

Lily:    Mom, what color is it? (Amy reads the name on the nail polish bottle,  “I Pink I Can” – and we realize I’m wearing the same exact color. We think this is pretty cool, and snap a photo of our matching nails.)


In between questions as Lily eats her dinner while her toes are drying, I top off the grown-ups’ glasses with more prosecco. Lily says, “Wow, you guys really like that stuff, huh?” – the girl doesn’t miss a trick.

So is your Dad a good dancer?

Lily:     I don’t know…but I bet he is definitely gonna be OK for sure!

What do you love most about your Dad?

Lily:    Can it be more than one thing? Yes? Ok, good. Oh gosh, well he’s FUN…and he let’s us jump on him! He also let’s me kiss him whenever I want…so, yeah, pretty much a really great Dad all around.

What’s some of the best advice your Dad has given you?

Lily:    To practice my dancing.

Lily has selected a very specific hairstyle that she saw in a magazine, and luckily, we are able to recreate it for her. It consists of two small braids gathered in the back with a pink organza bow, and sprigs of baby’s breath intertwined in the braids.


How’s lacrosse going?

Lily:    I love it! My favorite part is the attack!

Do you have any other fashion advice for your audience?

Lily:    Yes. Whenever you can, you should wear a long skirt.

Why is that?

Lily:    Well because long skirts are fancy, and it’s really good to be fancy! (We all nod in agreement that it’s good to be fancy. Then we have a quick discussion on whether it’s better to be a Beauty Queen or a Diva and come to the conclusion that it’s probably better to be a Beauty Queen.)

Do you have any “fashion don’ts” you’d like to share?

Lily:    Never wear too much gray.

What’s the worst outfit you’ve seen lately?

Lily:    Well the worst shoes would have to be sneaker boots. (I ask her does she mean the ones Willow wears? She says yes, she does not like Willow’s sneaker boots or pants, but that she likes Willow.)

Aunt Steph asks Lily what her favorite part of the prep and pampering is.

Lily:    My favorite part is…just getting ready! That’s all I can say. It’s fun!

It’s time for Lily to get dressed, so we have time for one last question. I ask her what her plans are for the summer.

Lily:    We’re going to the beach. I’m also going to camp. To horse-riding camp. Will you come? You’d better come!

I say yes, of course I’ll come. Although I’m  not sure if I’ve just agreed to the beach, horse-riding camp with Lily, or both.

The dress…

Lily’s dress is gorgeous – pale pink silk taffeta with rosettes below the sash and covering the full skirt. She looks like a princess. Her brother, Billy, who just got home from lacrosse practice, must have agreed – as soon as he sees his sister he tells her, “Lily – you look beautiful!”


 And of course, what it’s really all about is a great memory for Lily and her Dad…


What a lucky girl.


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Medestrian Minutes: Lily

Every girl has her own unique flair for fashion. The Medestrian takes a minute to ask fashionistas a few questions to learn their style advice and secrets in Medestrian Minutes.

To kick off this segment, I’ve asked Mini-Medestrian contributor Lily to share her fashion views.


The setting? Dinner last night at Los Tios in Del Ray with Lily, her brother Billy, and her fashion plate mom, Amy. Lily started off by explaining that yesterday was the exact date of her 6-and-a-half year Birthday.

Lily, always adorable, wore a floral, knee-length skirt with ruffles, a pink sweater, tights, and brown suede boots. She was carrying a pretty pink and white floral purse. Her essentials? Lipgloss and hand sanitizing lotion.

After telling me how much she enjoyed seeing The Lion King on Broadway last weekend, she very graciously agreed to take a minute from her busy schedule to answer my questions…

[

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