Her catwalk is the sidewalk.
Her catwalk is the sidewalk.

Mini Mad Fashion Maven

So much charm, style & substance in one pretty pint-sized package!


As Don Draper’s sassy daughter Sally on Mad Men, Kiernan Shipka not only has the privilege of being part of one of the best shows in history ~ but her typical work day requires wearing chic sixties styles hand selected by the j’amazing Janie Bryant. Kiernan is no slouch in the style department either ~ check out this irresistible interview where she shares the covet-worthy contents of her closet with the equally lovable Laura Brown.

Kiernan & Sally

Love love love this little darling. Cannot wait to see what sassy Sally is wearing when she sashays onto the scene in Season 7 of Mad Men on April 13th!

madmen season six

In the meantime here’s one of my favorite Sally/Don scenes from Season 4, Ep. 9 ~ The Beautiful Girls:

Sally:   I made french toast.
Don:     You know I don’t like you using the stove.
Sally:   Oh daddy, I do it all the time. And there’s no shells in it.
Don:     Where did you learn to do this?
Sally:   Carla taught me.
Don       [takes a bite]:   What’s on this?
Sally:    Mrs. Butterworth’s.
Don:     Go get it.
[Sally brings the bottle]
Don:    That’s rum. Read labels.
Sally:   Is it bad?
Don [considers]:   Not really.


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