Her catwalk is the sidewalk.
Her catwalk is the sidewalk.

Fashion Plate Flashback

Ever since I first penned this post on Fashion Plates I have been on a quest to find an original set. Little did I know they were right under my style-sniffing nose. Thanks to my fashion plate Mom for finding my beloved collection ~  in a box of my favorite childhood treasures!



Pretties, do you remember Fashion Plates? As a little girl they kept me entertained for hours. My sister and I would giggle as we matched up the outfits.


I can so vividly remember every delicious detail: the 70′s high-waisted jeans, the wide-brimmed hat, the Dorothy Hamill wedge hairstyle, the Charlie’s Angels feathered hair, and then there’s the tennis outfit. Who didn’t love the (now très vintage) tennis outfit?


As it turns out, most of my friends remember, too. Wouldn’t it be marvelous to bring those Fashion Plates back? Before our plastic-plated dolls there were paper dolls~ the dress up dolls of choice for my ever-chic Mom’s (still very young) generation…


And before the delightul dawn of Downton were Godey’s fashion plates…


Then there are fashion plates of today….


But for a lucky & fashion-loving few, we’ll never forget our plastic 1970′s Tomy Fashion Plates. The memories are priceless. My friend Terri and I once designed an exclusive “petite” line by omitting the center plate, and combining the head and leg plates. I can still hear our peals of laughter…

Before Fashion Plates, I dabbled in other toys, including Barbies.


Today I plan outfits on Pinterest, sketch while watching Project Runway, and style and dress my friends and clients. I guess some things never change!

“The woman is the most perfect doll that i have dressed with delight and admiration.” ~Karl Lagerfeld


Fashion Plate photos courtesy of The Medestrian and Pattern of Life.

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  • vara

    OMG! Fashion Plates! I was VERY much a tomboy, but I LOVED my Fashion Plates. Gods these dresses bring back memories. For some reason most of my outfits consisted of beige and brown lol. Your blog is adorable, I hate seeing all the “0 comments” :(

  • http://www.themedestrian.com Medestrian

    Thanks so much! I really wish they would bring them back ~ I can still remember sitting on the shag carpet in my bedroom “designing” with my Fashion Plates… :)