Her catwalk is the sidewalk.
Her catwalk is the sidewalk.

Fashion Is Not For Sissies

Goodbye Kors, Hello Posen!

Yes, Zac Posen is poised to replace Project Runway judge Michael Kors in Season 11 ~ and I love Zac ~ but I confess I’ll miss Michael’s sartorially sarcastic one-liners. In my eyes, nothing compares to Tim and Nina’s on-point (and less snarky) fashion insights ~ but MK’s unapologetic quips are pretty priceless.

So in honor of his departure, let’s have a strut down memory lane and revisit his funny, judge-y, claws-out comments from the past 10 seasons. Me-ow!

“She looks like Barefoot Appalachian Lil’ Abner Barbie!”

“She looks like an Amish Cocktail Waitress.”

“Looks like something a Teletubby would wear to a party.”

“Next thing you know, it’s big button earrings and you’re on ‘The Facts of Life.’”

“She looks like a paper brioche.”

“By looking at the dress, I don’t know where she’s from. Is she from the Republic of Cocktail Land? If her sport was drinking, it’s a good dress.”

“It almost looks like a superhero ice skater. Ooh she has got a cape and she is going to fly around the house. You wanted it to be quirky but it’s not.”

“It’s a little Shirley MacClaine when she played a hooker with a heart of gold.”

“She looks like a disco pumpkin.”

“Drama does not mean tacky.”

“She can sew but this is not Project Seamstress.”

“It’s a housecoat. She should have a pocket with Kleenex in it while she dusts.”

“Scarlett O’Hara ripped drapes down and made a couture dress…this, she ripped the sheets off the bed and ran out the door.”

“I feel like a pope at a sex club.”

“A Brady Bunch dashiki, I don’t know what else to say.”

“I mean you might have wanted Carrie Bradshaw, but to me she’s like toddlers and tiaras gone berserk!”

“It looks like a hair dressing smock. Like she was cutting her hair, there was a fire in the salon, she belted it and ran out. The hem is coo-coo, too.”

“That was so Paris hooker ’50s.”

“So she’s a snuggie designer?”

“If a guy was 7’3″ it would be a fabulous fit.”

“He looks like he’s got a suede lobster bib on.”

“She looks like a Pole dancer in Dubai.”

“To me it looks like you are going to the buffet table and you put a lamb chop in one pocket, a beer bottle in the other pocket. Oh look! There’s a piece of cake, I’ll put it in there too.”

“She looks like a transvestite flamenco dancer at a funeral.”

“I think she looked like $29.99 prom.”

“It’s kind of like if you were locked in your house and someone said ‘make a gown out of your sheets!’”

“The dress is just sadness personified.”

“It’s an unbelievably tight race for hideous today.”

“Fashion is not for sissies.”



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