Her catwalk is the sidewalk.
Her catwalk is the sidewalk.

Superhero Style Star

“In your satin tights
Fighting for your rights
And the old red white and blue…”
~Wonder Woman theme song

In between flipping through all things Olympic on Flipboard, I skipped over to entertainment news and saw that Lynda Carter was born today.  Happy Birthday, Wonder Woman!

She strutted onto the screen in red knee-high boots to play the first female television superhero and became a 1970s sensation. I remember watching Wonder Woman as a tween and loved her patriotic costume.

She could change from her alter ego, Diana Prince, and spin herself into a sassy superhero

Then sprint, high-kick or high-jump herself out of harm’s way ~ all while maintaining her minx-like mane and ruby red lipgloss.

With multiple outfit changes per episode, it was like watching real-life Fashion Plates as Wonder Woman would spin herself into her superhero threads. The best part was guessing how she would fight her foes ~ would she snare them with her golden lasso? Toss her bejeweled boomerang crown and thwart the villains? Or  try the combo high-kick & toss?

My personal favorite was her gold bullet-proof wrist cuffs…

Wonder Woman’s accessories would be stylishly in sync with today’s trends. She even knew how to rock the nautical look ~ just check out her slick seafaring swimsuit! She would be perfectly suited for the Summer Games.

Speaking  of perfectly suited

Hello, handsome… and Go Team U-S-A!

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