Her catwalk is the sidewalk.
Her catwalk is the sidewalk.

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Sassy Lassy Stilettos

Happy St. Patties, pretties ~ don’t forget to wear your green!  Whether you’re in the Emerald City or the Emerald Isle, chasing snakes out of Ireland or being chased by cute boys at the parade or pub ~ do it in style! How about these emerald-flamed beauties from Prada? I think St. Patrick would approve.

My Irish eyes are smilin’!

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Mr. Matthews, Rock Me to Sleep

What do AC/DC and Dave Matthews have in common? They will come to your home and sing your baby to sleep! Ok…maybe they won’t actually make a house call ~  but lullaby versions of their music have been recorded to rock your babies off to La La Land. File under: Wish I Thought of That.

Meet Rockabye Baby ~ a fun way to lull your itty bitty to sleep, while introducing them to your favorite music along the way. Don’t kid yourself ~ you’ll enjoy these tinkered-down tunes too. You don’t even have to be a baby or insomniac to appreciate these mellow melodies.

One of the latest CDs is Dave Matthews ~ warning: you will have their rendition of Crash in your head all day…

If you need to find a unique baby gift, look no further ~ what a perfect say to welcome little ones to the world of music! You can sample songs for each CD on the Rockabye Baby site. From Led Zeppelin to U2, they cover it all. Here’s a sampling of lullabies, lovelies, with their Rockabye descriptions.

Led Zeppelin ~ …your child’s sonic bedtime story consists of a delicate dreamscape woven by the heavens and forged by the hammer of the sleeping gods.

The Beatles ~ If you’re singing ‘here comes the sun’ before your tiny mop top stops crying, forget love—sleep is all you need.

Bob Marley ~ No baby no cry. Could you be lulled?

Depeche Mode ~ Just can’t get enough sleep?  Babies are babies but why should it be that you get no peace?

The Police ~ Do baby’s sleepless cries have you sending out an SOS?

Madonna ~ If you’re wishing on a lucky star that your little one would get into the sleep groove, step into a ray of light with Rockabye…

Def Leppard ~ Pour some sugar on those cries.

Rolling Stones ~ These gentle instrumental renditions are mother’s little helpers.

Bon Jovi ~ Do baby’s late-night cries have you livin’ on a prayer?

Journey ~ Who’s cryin’ now? Not your little angel.

Elvis ~ That’s all right, Mama. Don’t cry, Daddy. If your teddy bear is all shook up, try these tender renditions.

U2 ~ A sleeping angel is the sweetest thing!



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Style Aces in Spades

I’m in love-love with Kate Spade’s new Tennis collection! It brings me back to my high school days when Tretorns, popped collars, whites, and greens were the signature style of the tennis team.

Any way you slice it, you’ll look smashing on court and off with these perfectly preppy & pretty pieces, darlings. The only double-fault you’ll get is for looking twice as fabulous as everyone else.

Make A Racquet Bag ~ bat those eyelashes, unzip this flirty bag and serve up some sass!

Kissing Tennis Racquet Belt ~ prrrfect for playing doubles, kittens!

Match Point Tennis Bracelet ~ put a super-stylish spin on any outfit with this charmer.

Tennis iPhone Case ~ tennis anyone? Call me!

Tennis Ball Coin Purse ~ total cuteness for coins, lipstick and other necessities.

Tennis Studs ~ and I don’t mean Andy Roddick or James Blake…

Charm Tennis Bon Shopper ~ post-game prosecco anyone? Charm their tennis shorts off with this perfect court-to-cocktail carryall.

If looking too charming & chic is considered unsporting behavior, then bring on the penalty points! Tennis + Kate Spade = 2 of my favorite things!

It’s a win-win ~ what’s not to Love?

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Ooh La Lilly!

You don’t have to be the subject of a Slim Aarons photo to appreciate the Ooh La La of Lilly Pulitzer, lovelies.

Classic & chic, preppy & pretty ~ Lilly is a party waiting to happen!

When Manhattan socialite Lillian McKim eloped with Peter Pulitzer and moved to Palm Beach, she needed something to occupy her well-manicured hands…

As the young bride of an owner of several citrus groves, what better endeavor than opening an orange juice stand?  Lilly enjoyed this new venture but found herself covered in splashes of fruit juice by the end of the day ~ so she and her dressmaker designed colorful shift dresses in citrus hues to camouflage the stains.

vintage lilly pulitzer dresses on rack natucket cococozy

She soon realized customers were thirsty for only one thing: her fabulous frocks!  To the delight of local ladies and other chic girlfriends like Jackie O., Lilly closed the juice stand and opened Lilly Pulitzer Inc. in 1959.

“Jackie wore one of my dresses – it was made from kitchen curtain material – and people went crazy. They took off like zingo. Everybody loved them, and I went into the dress business.” ~ Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly fabrics - deja vu vintage

Lilly running from Peter’s plane ~ fabric swatches in hand.

La Lilly in one of her designs ~ love the sassed-up pose.

A prismatic palette of pretty, preppy and posh prints was born ~ and the rest is Palm Beach fashion history.

Pool or beach, yacht or garden, patio or porch, lunching or lounging ~ if you want to make any occasion special, bring on the Lilly.

A Lilly a day keeps the blues away ~ and with her vitamin D infused spring collection, you’ll feel sunshine on your sun-kissed shoulders when you slip on her lovely looks…

“It’s always summer somewhere.” ~Lilly Pulitzer

Here are some of my favorite pattern picks, pretties. Quel dilemma ~ it’s not possible to pick only one… Looks like I’ll need to try something in every chic & cheery print!

Spring Fever Toile

Scorpion Bowl

Jungle Glam Toile

Call Me Kitty Cat


“Lifes a party ~ dress like it!” ~Lilly Pulitzer

Illustration credit, Lilly Pulitzer.

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Smitten with Slim

“Photographing beautiful people in beautiful places doing beautiful things.”  ~ Slim Aarons, on his (priveleged) profession.

Pretty people, poolside, in their Pulitzer and Pucci…

I’m a smitten kitten for Slim Aarons, and his portrayal of the lifestyles of the wealthy and well-heeled jetsetters of the ’50s and ’60s through his magical lens. With warmer weather promised this week, my mind is drifting off to dreamier locations à la Slim. Here are some of my favorites…

Nice Pool ~ C.Z. Guest and her son in front of their Grecian temple pool on the ocean-front estate, Villa Artemis, Palm Beach

Poolside Party ~ guests at Nelda Linsk’s desert house in Palm Springs

Armando’s Beach Club ~ sunbathers soak it up in Acapulco, Mexico

Beach at St. Tropez

Black Tie Evening~ formal party by a swimming pool in Algarve, Portugal

Sea Drive ~ film producer Kevin McClory takes his family for a drive in an ‘Amphicar’ across the harbour at Nassau

Family Snapper ~ Babe Paley by the pool at her cottage in Jamaica, with husband Bill in background

Garden Party ~ private home in Miami, Florida

El Venero ~ Marbella, Spain

La Casinella ~ Lake Como

Poolside fashion show at the Colony Hotel, Palm Beach

Mellow Yellow ~ Brigitte Bardot kicks back in St. Tropez

Poolside Gossip ~ desert house in Palm Springs

Penthouse Pool ~ girls by the Canellopoulos penthouse pool, Athens

Relaxing at Lake Tahoe

Oleander Drive ~ a family in a pony and trap take a drive along a road lined with oleanders in Bermuda ~ beautiful!

Champagne wishes & caviar dreams, mes chéris!


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