Her catwalk is the sidewalk.
Her catwalk is the sidewalk.

Mr. Matthews, Rock Me to Sleep

What do AC/DC and Dave Matthews have in common? They will come to your home and sing your baby to sleep! Ok…maybe they won’t actually make a house call ~  but lullaby versions of their music have been recorded to rock your babies off to La La Land. File under: Wish I Thought of That.

Meet Rockabye Baby ~ a fun way to lull your itty bitty to sleep, while introducing them to your favorite music along the way. Don’t kid yourself ~ you’ll enjoy these tinkered-down tunes too. You don’t even have to be a baby or insomniac to appreciate these mellow melodies.

One of the latest CDs is Dave Matthews ~ warning: you will have their rendition of Crash in your head all day…

If you need to find a unique baby gift, look no further ~ what a perfect say to welcome little ones to the world of music! You can sample songs for each CD on the Rockabye Baby site. From Led Zeppelin to U2, they cover it all. Here’s a sampling of lullabies, lovelies, with their Rockabye descriptions.

Led Zeppelin ~ …your child’s sonic bedtime story consists of a delicate dreamscape woven by the heavens and forged by the hammer of the sleeping gods.

The Beatles ~ If you’re singing ‘here comes the sun’ before your tiny mop top stops crying, forget love—sleep is all you need.

Bob Marley ~ No baby no cry. Could you be lulled?

Depeche Mode ~ Just can’t get enough sleep?  Babies are babies but why should it be that you get no peace?

The Police ~ Do baby’s sleepless cries have you sending out an SOS?

Madonna ~ If you’re wishing on a lucky star that your little one would get into the sleep groove, step into a ray of light with Rockabye…

Def Leppard ~ Pour some sugar on those cries.

Rolling Stones ~ These gentle instrumental renditions are mother’s little helpers.

Bon Jovi ~ Do baby’s late-night cries have you livin’ on a prayer?

Journey ~ Who’s cryin’ now? Not your little angel.

Elvis ~ That’s all right, Mama. Don’t cry, Daddy. If your teddy bear is all shook up, try these tender renditions.

U2 ~ A sleeping angel is the sweetest thing!



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