Her catwalk is the sidewalk.
Her catwalk is the sidewalk.

Style Aces in Spades

I’m in love-love with Kate Spade’s new Tennis collection! It brings me back to my high school days when Tretorns, popped collars, whites, and greens were the signature style of the tennis team.

Any way you slice it, you’ll look smashing on court and off with these perfectly preppy & pretty pieces, darlings. The only double-fault you’ll get is for looking twice as fabulous as everyone else.

Make A Racquet Bag ~ bat those eyelashes, unzip this flirty bag and serve up some sass!

Kissing Tennis Racquet Belt ~ prrrfect for playing doubles, kittens!

Match Point Tennis Bracelet ~ put a super-stylish spin on any outfit with this charmer.

Tennis iPhone Case ~ tennis anyone? Call me!

Tennis Ball Coin Purse ~ total cuteness for coins, lipstick and other necessities.

Tennis Studs ~ and I don’t mean Andy Roddick or James Blake…

Charm Tennis Bon Shopper ~ post-game prosecco anyone? Charm their tennis shorts off with this perfect court-to-cocktail carryall.

If looking too charming & chic is considered unsporting behavior, then bring on the penalty points! Tennis + Kate Spade = 2 of my favorite things!

It’s a win-win ~ what’s not to Love?

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