Her catwalk is the sidewalk.
Her catwalk is the sidewalk.

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Jingle Belle Swim

J’adore the west coast vibe of this photo taken by Slim Aarons at his Hollywood Hills home, circa 1950. The famous Hollywood sign can be seen in the distance, and the floating jingle belle is Slim’s wife, Rita.  Enjoy a little “Christmas Swim” by Slim, darlings!

We got more bounce in California

Than all y’all combined,

We got more bounce in California

We like to party all the time…


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All About Yves

“Over the years, I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.” ~Yves Saint Laurent

50 years ago today, the famous fashion house of designer Yves Saint Laurent was created.  Since then, his bold, feminine, modern-classic designs have embodied an easy elegance and timeless style.

Dubbed the “Little Prince” of couture, Yves was tapped by Christian Dior to be his right-hand man when he was only eighteen, and at just 21, he took over as head designer following Dior’s death. A few years later he started his iconic name brand, YSL, and was on his way to becoming one of the most influential, celebrated designers in recent history.

Trademarks of Yves’ style include popularization of the pea coat, safari jackets, the Mondrian dress, billowy peasant blouses and tall boots…

Perhaps one of his most famous trademarks was Le Smoking Jacket, a tuxedo designed for women in 1966, and a style emulated by fashion icons ever since!

Always at the forefront of fashion, Yves was the first couturier to prepare a prêt-à-porter line (Rive Gauche); put ethnic models on the runway; show his haute couture show live on the Internet; and was the first designer to have his work honored by a museum (The Met) during his lifetime. A brilliant brander, he also successfully launched signature lines for accessories, perfume and cosmetics.  A très chic résumé, if you ask moi.

YSL at The Met

Yves’ amis were the style-set of the day, including his muse and first Rive Gauche customer, the très jolie Catherine Deneuve.

In between his shows, Yves traveled with the Parisian jet-set and lived a life of luxe at his villa in Marrakesh, Villa Oasis. Well done, Yves. Le sigh.

“Fashions fade; style is eternal.” ~YSL


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