Her catwalk is the sidewalk.
Her catwalk is the sidewalk.

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Fizzy Decisions

Decisions, decisions… Black Friday or Cyber Monday? What’s a girl to do? For starters, remember the golden rule of stress-free shopping: always reward your efforts with something fizzy and fabulous.

Shoppers, meet the Sparkle-tini.

Now let’s get to it. What’s your shopping style? Some say Cyber Monday is the new black. So if crowds aren’t your cup of tea, get ready to nestle up in your nest, Bellini in hand, and start shopping.

If you’re a professional shopper, have a tolerance for flash-mobs, or simply get giddy about shopping sales in the flesh, then Black Friday is for you. Just don’t forget the red jumpsuit and gumball pearls.

If you enjoy the experience and interaction of Black Friday, but would prefer to support local retailers and hang with the Jones’s, you should consider Small Business Saturday.

Local lovelies: lucky you! Thanks to the Washingtonian, you can shop ‘til you drop with this fabulous list of deals for the weekend.

Whatever your shopping style may be, you need a plan, pretties. Make your list, check it twice, and here’s some friendly advice…

  • Jot it down. Every item. Be specific so you won’t veer off course.
  • Identify retailers of the products you plan to purchase. Then if you haven’t already, sign up for their email updates.
  • Don’t forget Facebook & Twitter – retailers often run exclusive deals for fans and followers. Also check in on Foursquare to unlock special deals.
  • Stay the course – check online for maps of shopping centers and route your shopping accordingly. Don’t waste precious time walking aimlessly from one end of the mall or street to the other.
  • Arrive early. Most stores open their doors at 5 a.m. Coffee is your friend, especially after all that tryptophan. Are you a night owl? Many stores start deals Thursday at midnight.
  • Act fast! Grab first, try on later.
  • Leave bulky coats and strollers at home.
  • Two words: antibacterial wipes.
  • I have literally shopped ’til I dropped, so be conscious of how much merch you’ll be carrying, and consider enlisting the extra arms of a friend!
  • Bring a fully charged phone (to check new deals as they pop up throughout the day or call for consult or backup).
  • Organize coupons so they’re easily accessible. Keep bags zipped and wallets secure & safe from five-finger-discounters.
  • Avoid long lines and bring your own snacks – nuts or Powerberries do the trick for moi.
  • Wear comfy shoes. Wedges are both cute & comfy, but can also help with hard-to-reach items.
  • A cute outfit is a must – you never know when a handsome shopper will need your advice shopping for his mom or sisters…

After your shopping success, it’s time to treat yourself to a Cupcake Champagne Cocktail from my fave gals over at Fashionably Bombed. You’ve earned it, cupcakes!

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Fab Four Friday: Poofy, Poolside, Pretty, Post

As Eloise would say, “These goodies are rawther fabulous… I love-love-love them! Oooh I simply must have them!”

1. Big Poofy Dress

This gorgeous piece from one of my favorite artists, Rhonda Corley, is guaranteed to dress up any girl’s nest. I have it hanging above my desk, along with another one of her gems, Follow Your Dream.  I would be content with one of everything on her site

2. Poolside with Slim Aarons

I’m smitten for Slim ~ nobody captures the style-set quite like him. This work of art will take you away to luxurious lazy times on these blustery days.

3. Birdie Earrings

This pretty pair from talented designer and good friend Meagan Kurtz of
ADMK Jewelry
is charming and versatile. Local ladies:
ZOE Boutique
will be hosting an ADMK Jewelry Trunk Show, December 10th, from 1pm to 5pm! Stop by to see all the great holiday gift ideas.

4. Emily Post’s Etiquette: Manners for a New World

Impeccable manners are always in style. This latest publication from the Post family includes proper P’s and Q’s for contemporary conundrums such as: Do I have to respond to every email and text? A business client is sick with a cold—am I obliged to shake his hand? Is it wrong for the bride and groom to tweet at their own wedding? Should I throw a divorce party? …and more. This 18th edition is guaranteed to keep you on the proper and polite path.

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Trip The Light Fantastic

These fantastically flirty, fuchsia fringed-fur platforms by YSL were made for dancing the night away… or for chatting up that handsome dish at a cocktail party while batting your eyelashes…

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Flippin’ Cute

I always get a kick out of a flipbook, and I adore Kate Spade, so you can imagine my glee when I received this flippin’ cute doll-sized delight in the mail today…

Actual size: 4.5 x 2.5 inches

Compact, colorful, and creative. Love, love and love. Perfectly purse-sized. Guaranteed to make marketers everywhere green with envy (that they didn’t think of it first) and tickled pink (that they were lucky enough to receive one)!

The flipbook came with this simply stylish candy cane striped notecard…

One side of the booklet features pages of glitzy goodies for the holidays…

And includes glam and glittery purses, candy colored clutches and bold and beautiful baubles…

Then it’s time to thumb through the flip side for a dynamic demo on wrapping up the goodies nice and pretty…

Voila! And Fa la la la la…

This teensy two-sided treat has worked some double-duty magic for me ~ my Christmas wish list and holiday shopping are now complete! They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but I’ve always been a sucker for pretty packaging ~ especially the kind that’s pretty inside and out.

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