Her catwalk is the sidewalk.
Her catwalk is the sidewalk.

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Channeling Gidget

“If you’re in doubt about angels being real
I can arrange to change any doubts you feel
Wait’ll you see my Gidget!
You’ll want her for your Valentine
You’re gonna say she’s all that you adore-
But stay away, Gidget is spoken for-
You’re gonna find…that Gidget is mine! ”

~ “Gidget” theme song

Before Jersey Shore there was Gidget.  I remember summer vacations spent watching Gidget re-runs with my sister before we’d lounge on our deck, listen to cassette tapes on our boom box, and soak up the sun with “Sun-In” in our hair. We spent our summers on Long Beach Island and are true-blue beach lovers, so it’s no surprise we adored Gidget.  Who doesn’t love a sassy, spunky  little surfer girl?

With her supercute swimwear and all-around summery, sunny threads she’d frolic in the sand, surf the surf, and moon over Moondoggie with her girlfriends on the movie-ready beaches of California.

Based on a book by Frederick Kohner, Gidget tells the story of his then 16-year-old daughter, Kathy Kohner, the tiny teenage girl who crashed the all-male scene at Malibu Beach in the 50′s and earned the nickname “Gidget” from her fellow surfers (derived from the slang contraction for “girl midget”).

Adorable Sandra Dee fit the movie role to a T – and a young and ridiculously cute Sally Field was perfectly cast as “Gidge” for the TV series.

Gidget’s carefree attitude was made for summer fun, but she remained classy & sassy. She didn’t go on a bender and drink for days, or sloppily stumble onto the boardwalk and get arrested à la Snookie. (Not that I don’t love my summer drinks – only ones that land me in the clink). Plus, her Beach Bunny meets Surfer Girl style was “the ultimate”.

Some lessons from Gidget: Keep paddling until you catch a wave – or until a dreamboat helps you ride it in. Always have flirt-ready bikinis and cover-ups handy, as well as a collection of pajama party-ready PJs. Wear a headband, pigtails, or ponytail like you own it. Be impossibly cute at all times without even trying. Give your parents props when they channel their cool surfer side. Last but not least, don’t let a small stature stop you from living large.

From Kate Spade flip-flops, floppy Gap hats, and Pucci, Trina Turk and Lilly bikinis & cover-ups – to cool Derek Lam shades, Tory Burch beach totes and a custom Juicy Couture surfboard – it’s easy to recreate Gidget’s summer lovin’ style. Just remember, the brighter the color and pattern, the better.

Watching Gidget re-runs is one of the happy ingredients of my summer memories, but I’d have to say summers at the beach with the people I love are what my sunniest memories are made of.

L to R: mini Medestrian in green & white striped one piece with matching green bow; Medestrian’s always-sassy sis in patriotic red/white/blue bikini.

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