Her catwalk is the sidewalk.
Her catwalk is the sidewalk.

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Quel Beast!

The classic fairy tale of the Beauty and the Beast tells the story of a timeless beauty who falls in love with a former-hunk-turned-hulk. As Beauty and Beast get to know one another, true love and devotion grow from friendship and mutual respect, and Beast is transformed back to a handsome prince. Le sigh. If only more couples could end up like Monsieur et Madame Beast…

Think again. Fast forward to present day and you will find a new version of this story. Today, Beauty’s “Beast” is a well known public figure in sports, entertainment, or politics, who has a seemingly decent reputation in society - until he is caught doing something really stupid…


Le boo-hoo-hoo…

 Run, don’t walk, Huma!

Beastly behavior is never in style. So why have so many beautiful and brilliant women – after being devoted to these beasts - been publicly humiliated by them? And why do these arrogant men continue to cover up? It’s truly baffling...

Arnold and Maria

Arnold and the maid…

 Tiger and Elin

Tiger’s other (très classy) women…

John Edwards, his lovely wife Elizabeth, and family

Rhielle Hunter. Classy.

Gov. Mark Sanford and family

Blah, blah, boo-hoo, “but she’s my soulmate”…

Eliot Spitzer and family

Eliot’s escort trying to count…

America’s Sweetheart and Jesse James

One of Jesse’s girls. Where did he find a woman like that?

Former Congressman Lee and family

He’s just a fit, fun, classy guy…

Beast and Beast: Leann Rimes & Eddie Cibrian (and former spouses) before the affair

Why so clingy, Leann? I’m sure your new hubs isn’t using you.

One trend that seems to have emerged from all of this is the post-beast detox, where once purged of the beast, the Beauties of today become even more beautiful. They look stronger and better than ever. Well done, Sandy!

Now that’s some pretty fabulous detox. And for the happily-ever-after, I recommend the following…

 The End.


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Summer Sips & Socializing

On Thursday, the breeziest most beautiful day of Summer so far, I donned a fuchsia Zara frock and zipped over to Muse Lounge with my fellow pink-loving friend, Sally (who was pretty in a pink & green frock from Periwinkle), for some cocktails for a good cause.

Pink to Drink, sponsored by DC Modern Luxury and The Madison, was a fundraiser to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Guests were decked out on the deck in pink, the suggested signature shade of the evening, as they sipped refreshing Madison margaritas.

The comfy sofas on the rooftop of Muse, along with copies of the latest edition of DC Modern Luxury magazine, was the perfect setting for the event.  (You can check out their cool new digital version here.)

We were meeting colleagues at the Four Seasons for some more summer sips and socializing so unfortunately weren’t able to linger – but by the looks of the hordes of honeysuckle and flocks of fuchsia pouring in, it was no doubt going to be quite a soirée!

The Four Seasons was fabulous fun as well. We feasted on fried pickles and prosecco while enjoying the glamorous and chic scenery on the patio. We clinked our glasses to the breezy night and summer…ahhh…sundresses, sassy sandals, seersucker, summery sips, sand, surf… Too bad we couldn’t have more nights like these.

Or could we? We live in DC after all! There are endless opportunities for summer fun and mingling - I’ll bet you could find a chic event on any given night. Of course nothing beats getting away for a destination vacation, but in between there is plenty in-town to take you away from the daily grind.

And while you’re out on the town, don’t have so much fun that you forget your phone while primping in the ladies room of the Four Seasons. If you’re lucky like I was that night – you realize seconds after your taxi starts to pull away that you don’t have it. So merci, Monsieur Taxi Driver, and the sweet mademoiselle who recovered my beloved iPhone for me!

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