Her catwalk is the sidewalk.
Her catwalk is the sidewalk.

Stumbling for Style

While having drinks with my girlfriends Steph and Heather the other night at Brabo Tasting Room, we started chatting about our top mortifying moments.  More specifically, we were sharing our most embarrassing oh-no-you-didn’t trips and falls.

Steph mentioned that on her way to meet a co-worker for lunch the other day she decided to save time by cutting through a park and ended up falling flat on the ground! Within seconds she went from vertical to horizontal. Luckily, she was able to quickly pick herself up with a gymnast-worthy recovery, and sashay back on her way. When she arrived at the restaurant I have no doubt she still  looked smashing – even though her Louis Vuitton bag was accented with flecks of mud. 

Even Beyonce has had terrible tumbles (like this one in Orlando in 2007) - on stage, no less – and gotten herself together to continue performing without missing a beat. Ouch… Although I’m not the least bit surprised, the girl is a phenomenal performer.

Sidebar: have you seen how fabulous she looks lately? She rocked the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night.

So as the girls and I were spilling about our spills, I started to have flashbacks of my own teeters and trips - and I realized my most mortifying missteps involved some sort of platforms or wedges. Like the time I cut across a grassy lot while walking to my office one summer morning, and wiped out when my strappy white platform espadrilles got caught in a ditch. I didn’t realize until I had arrived at the office that I had grass-stains on my white pants, shoes, and the palms of my hands. I never lived that one down – since then, my friend Jenny loves to threaten to “tip me over” whenever I’m wearing platforms.

Or the time I managed to trip on my wedge slides and  fall on the “Up” escalator at a local Metro station, sprawled smack across the steps during busy morning rush hour.  My tote, still attached to my right hand, had flown forward when I fell so that my arm was flung out in front of me. My frock was bright pink, so there was no blending in with the scenery either! I quite literally rode it out, picked myself up before getting stuck in the grooves at the top, turned around  to give a quick smile to my audience behind me — and ran out to the street (as if I had to catch a bus) until I was safely out of sight.

The girls and I agreed that the moral of the stumble is - if you are going to do it, you need to own it, girl. Don’t laugh nervously or simply scuttle off, post-fall. At least stick around first and acknowledge it in some way, or finish it off à la Mary Katherine Gallagher’s “Superstar!” recovery. My friend Amy has mastered this one – works every time!

My friends and I are also huge fans of Molly Shannon’s Sally O’Malley skits on SNL. Why? Because Sally loves to “kick and stretch!”  Who doesn’t love a spunky, flexible, hilarious woman in a tight, bright red pantsuit? For the record, a kickin’ and stretchin’ recovery after a fall is always in style.   

So let’s just blame the pratfalls on the platforms, shall we? It happens to the best of us. Just remember a kickin’ recovery is key. Just for fun (and to make us all feel better the next time we tip over), here’s a stumble-worthy sampling of falls in the name of fashion. 

Fergie falls

Gaga goes down

Hilton hurtles

Lindsay lurches

Ritchie reels

SJP stumbles

Supermodels slip up

Oh my Choo!

Prada plunge

What the what?

Last but not least, applause-worthy recovery with a smile!

 When in doubt?  Just laugh and bat those eyelashes.

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