Her catwalk is the sidewalk.
Her catwalk is the sidewalk.

Hollywood & High Society Princess

With the Royal Wedding only 10 days away (color me giddy!) I thought it would be fitting to remember that 55 years ago today another royal wedding took place. Hollywood star & Main Line socialite Grace Kelly became Princess Grace of Monaco.


Her wedding dress? One that she wore in a favorite film of mine, High Society, where she played (what else?) a stylish socialite.


Grace worked with MGM designer Helen Rose to embellish the gown with her own additional ideas, including  a higher neckline, long sleeves and train. Over 20 of MGM’s best seamstresses, milliners, beaders, embroiderers and dyers worked on the dress for six weeks under top-secret conditions.


When the gown arrived in Monaco, it was accompanied by assembly instructions! (I’m guessing that Kate will look just as lovely, but with a much less-fussy approach to dressing on her wedding day…)


Royalty certainly agreed with Grace – so much so, that she retired from acting after only 11 films to star in her final role as real-life princess.


 Royal Family

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