Her catwalk is the sidewalk.
Her catwalk is the sidewalk.

J’Adore Carrie’s Decor

The highlight of SATC 2? Besides seeing it with my fab friends? Carrie & Big’s digs! J’adore their apartment’s chic decor; I can imagine Holly Golighty and Paul Varjak living in a jazzy pad like that after they find Cat at the end of Breakfast At Tiffany’s.


I’ve read the SATC 2 reviews, darlings, and I don’t entirely disagree. We’re not talking Oscar material here - it’s supposed to be a fun escape.  In a nutshell: we get to see the girls in their New York habitat before Smith Jared (looking hotter than ever) hooks Samantha up with a potential PR gig that gets the girls an all-extravagances paid trip to Abu-Dhabi. You had me at personal butler, champagne and macaroons.


Carrie bumps into Aidan (in what I swear is the same Middle Eastern market where Indiana Jones had a sword/gun fight in Raiders of the Lost Ark); a dreamy Dane strikes Samantha’s fancy; and Charlotte and Miranda have a heart to heart. There are some LOLs along the way - but unfortunately they’re peppered with too many cheezy, forced double-entendres.


Now back to The Prestons Posh Pad! Check out this dining room, with a peek into the kitchen…


Look at the chic and cozy living room…love the table.


Love this sunlight-flooded corner….


His and Her closet.  Cute and cute.


I thought the story of Carrie and Big trying to find their footing in their new marriage was sweet and one of my favorite parts of the movie. This picture of Carrie propped up on a pretty blue ottoman (where can I get one?) is from one of my favorite scenes in the movie.

SATC2-Carrie-Big-Blue ottoman

The clothes on SATC 2 were a bit of a let-down with the exception of a few cute Carrie concoctions:


Last but not least, I’ll leave you lovelies with some SATC 2 eye candy for good measure.


Who knows if there will be a SATC 3? In the meantime, all you die-hard fans - there’s always TBS.

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  • Ann Mare

    Thanks for the article. The movie was so unrealistic and disappointing on many levels. I wish they had given more heart to the girls' stories about their relationships and motherhood. You were spot on in your review.

  • lovedeedums

    Sigh. It's a pretty sad day in SATC history when the highlight is the set design. I've decided to write Michael Patrick King a “cease and resist” letter. What's the takeaway? Design a better life – inside and out!

  • Merci

    I am so disappointed. Why did the story line have to make these over 40 year old “supposedly” adult women, some even with children, act like teenagers! I know the word “Sex” is in the title of the movie but Samantha's sex lines and sex scenes were yacky, disgusting and over the top. Never again…there is always TBS!