Her catwalk is the sidewalk.
Her catwalk is the sidewalk.

In The Pink

In the game of Trivial Pursuit, I always win in the “Pink” entertainment category, which covers art, fashion, movies, literature and television. Of course it helps that it’s named after my favorite color and includes most of my favorite things!


A guilty pleasure of mine that helps me keep my “pink” edge is the weekly tabloids: Us Weekly, In Touch and Life & Style.

I prefer not to purchase issues with covers featuring boring train wrecks like Britney, Milkaholic Lindsay, John Mayer, Kate or John, or any other run-of-the-mill reality show personality.

I look forward to snaps of chic celebs – both on and off the red carpet – which these days usually includes pics of their beautiful bébés and trendy toddlers. Seriously, how cute is Harlow? Or Violet and her babydoll sis, Seraphina? I just want to squeeze their cheeks.


Precious Shiloh’s beauty shines through even though her mother tries to sabotage it by dressing her like a little boy lately. I guess her older sis Zahara gets all the cute girly frocks in the family now.


Meanwhile, Suri’s dainty ballet flats have been replaced with sassy-heeled shoes.  Be warned, Katie & Tom. If you keep indulging her every whim, one of these days her kitten heels are gonna walk all over you.  


One of my least favorite sections is “Who Wore It Best?”.  Here’s what miffs me (besides Jesse James): what if neither of the stars pictured wore it best? Just because a girl is famous does not guarantee she has fashion sense – just as a dress with a designer label does not make it stylish by default.


There will never be another Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly or Natalie Wood.  I’ve accepted the fact that these glamour girls – my silver screen style icons – are irreplaceable. (That’s a subject for another upcoming post.)


Even so, my heart remains hopeful that I’ll see today’s stars make exciting style choices and take fashion risks that pay off.

That’s one thing I love about fashion & Hollywood – and why I look forward to these magazines each week. There’s an endless opportunity to be delighted and inspired. If not, at the very least you’re guaranteed a few laughs.  

Now that’s entertainment!

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  • lovedeedums

    Who Wore It Best is my one of my faves but my AbFab feature is when they show celebs doing daily chores like running to Target. Love love love it! And what's the deal with Shiloh? All of Brangelina's kids look like DSS needs to called in – unkempt and run amok.

  • ssw

    Sadly the class of the past is no where to be found, these days…..