Her catwalk is the sidewalk.
Her catwalk is the sidewalk.

Sense-Sational Overload

Picture an office. A really big office space that takes up an entire floor. Now picture it without furniture – but instead - every corner, nook & cranny is curated with captivating contemporary art.


Then, try to visualize not one, but 5 floors of this art, each dedicated to artists hailing from California, New York, Washington DC, and the rest of the world, such as artist Aniekan Udofia of DC.

Aniekan Udofia

On top of that, imagine yet another floor filled with live painting and entertainment – last night it was music by DJ Sonny Cheeba and melt-in-your-mouth cuisine courtesy of Elephant Steps and Friends.

You’ve just entered G-40: The Summit, an artistic interpretation of the G-20 political summit. Over 500 artists under one roof in Crystal City for the entire month of March!  It’s sensory overload at its best.


Arriving at Plaza 5 last night, I was excited – there was so much to see! The space was so expansive; I had to stop myself from turning cartwheels.


I checked out the New York exhibit on the 5th floor and our DC talent on the 8th floor. Both were full of colorful, inspired pieces.

Local Virginia artist James Walker gets his inspiration from photographs, stating on his site that “It all starts with photographs. I make pictures of everything. All the time.”


I loved this dreamy creation, “Aurora”‘ by Jessica Braiterman, part of the microWave project:


I’m looking forward to going back to see everything else I haven’t viewed yet. I decided to save California and the other artists from around the world for another day.

The location of the event is so convenient – just a pleasant short walk through the Crystal City underground from the metro.

There are even “breadcrumb” markers on the ground along the way with the G-40 logo directing you to the Summit. Parking is easy too.

Make a night of it! Grab dinner before or after the exhibit – take your pick of any of the great restaurants in the area.

G-40: just another hip, fun event brought to you by the Crystal City BID, along with Art Whino and Vornado.

See you at the Summit!

Photo credits: Stephen Elliot

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