Her catwalk is the sidewalk.
Her catwalk is the sidewalk.

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In The Pink

In the game of Trivial Pursuit, I always win in the “Pink” entertainment category, which covers art, fashion, movies, literature and television. Of course it helps that it’s named after my favorite color and includes most of my favorite things!


A guilty pleasure of mine that helps me keep my “pink” edge is the weekly tabloids: Us Weekly, In Touch and Life & Style.

I prefer not to purchase issues with covers featuring boring train wrecks like Britney, Milkaholic Lindsay, John Mayer, Kate or John, or any other run-of-the-mill reality show personality.

I look forward to snaps of chic celebs – both on and off the red carpet – which these days usually includes pics of their beautiful bébés and trendy toddlers. Seriously, how cute is Harlow? Or Violet and her babydoll sis, Seraphina? I just want to squeeze their cheeks.


Precious Shiloh’s beauty shines through even though her mother tries to sabotage it by dressing her like a little boy lately. I guess her older sis Zahara gets all the cute girly frocks in the family now.


Meanwhile, Suri’s dainty ballet flats have been replaced with sassy-heeled shoes.  Be warned, Katie & Tom. If you keep indulging her every whim, one of these days her kitten heels are gonna walk all over you.  


One of my least favorite sections is “Who Wore It Best?”.  Here’s what miffs me (besides Jesse James): what if neither of the stars pictured wore it best? Just because a girl is famous does not guarantee she has fashion sense – just as a dress with a designer label does not make it stylish by default.


There will never be another Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly or Natalie Wood.  I’ve accepted the fact that these glamour girls – my silver screen style icons – are irreplaceable. (That’s a subject for another upcoming post.)


Even so, my heart remains hopeful that I’ll see today’s stars make exciting style choices and take fashion risks that pay off.

That’s one thing I love about fashion & Hollywood – and why I look forward to these magazines each week. There’s an endless opportunity to be delighted and inspired. If not, at the very least you’re guaranteed a few laughs.  

Now that’s entertainment!

March 29, 2010   2 Comments

The Click of a Lipstick

“Hand me my purse, will you, darling? A girl can’t read that sort of thing without her lipstick.…”


Holly Golightly was wise beyond her years, realizing that a lady should never be without her lipstick. I personally never leave home without it, except to go running or to the gym.

My love of lipcolor began when I was a little girl. In between playing with my Barbies I remember playing with my Mom’s makeup.


I loved the scent of her Estée Lauder and Revlon lipsticks, especially Bamboo Bronze.  It still brings back memories today.


In high school I recall Pink Champagne, Pink Foil and Silver City Pink summers with my Sis at the beach, thanks to Maybelline and Revlon. College followed and CliniqueLancôme and Chanel were a co-ed’s best friend.


I went through a red phase during my first job on Capitol Hill.  That’s when I discovered Chanel Quatuor with my dear friend, coworker, and fellow lipstick lover, Mara. It was unanimous consent: we were smitten with the scarlett lip-quad compact.


I embraced MAC in the early 90′s.  My favorite hues were Pink Glaze, Frou, Pervette and Wuss. Back then, my sister and I would dash to Nordstrom & bring our “5 empties” to the MAC counter to be recycled, and in return receive a free lipstick of our choice!


For me, at least half the fun of lipcolor is in the packaging & design. There is something so perfectly ladylike about the click! of a Chanel lipstick case.


My signature color? Pink, of course! Today my purse contains an eclectic mix of luxury and drugstore brands, from Dior Fantasy Pink to Cover Girl Pink Tutu gloss.

What if you need to re-apply your lipcolor in public? Don’t fret! Miss Manners says it is perfectly acceptable to do so, as long as you apply it in a quick, ultra-confident manner.


Channeling Holly Golightly, I have a small mirror on the wall by the door to check my pout on the way out. She had a tiny mirror affixed to the top of her mailbox, where she kept a spare lipstick for last minute touch ups! A girl after my own heart.

So what signature color will you apply before dashing out the door?

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Sunshine Style Diet

Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces…


After a long snowy winter, it looks like spring is finally near! Little Miss Sunshine has shown up fashionably late but she was worth the wait.


Do you know what that means? It’s time to think about your spring wardrobe! This season we’ll be seeing white, lemon, turquoise, fuschia, watercolor pastels, and a whole host of Liberty-infused florals inspired by blooming spring flowers.


I confess, I’ll always have black in my wardrobe. Navy, too. For a fun little challenge I created a colorful, vitamin D enriched spring palette – one without even a smidge of black. How did I do?

Vitamin D Style
Now to top it off, soak up these spring colors with some pretty gems from favorite jewelry designers Meagan Kurtz of ADMK and Rachelle Céline and you’re off to a sunny start!

Spring will officially spring this Saturday. Time to sit back, relax, and plan how to get more of that sunshine vitamin into your style-diet.

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Price of Beauty

Jessica, Jessica, Jessica…

I think you mean well. You seem like a very nice, kind-hearted girl.

What I need to know is – why were you on David Letterman last week, embarrassing yourself in front of the world again?


Not only did you say you still admire the “cute butt” of ex-boyfriend Tony Romo who carelessly dumped you  - but then you discussed intimate comments made about you in a recent interview given by another self-absorbed ex!

I know your intent was to promote your new show, The Price of Beauty, but have some self-respect! Let sleeping dogs lie — especially that dog-of-an-ex, the one formerly known as a talented musician.

Ken & CaCee pray she doesn’t date a loser.

Ken & CaCee pray she doesn't date another loser.

Along with your loss of self-respect, you seem to have misplaced any sense of style you had. (I’m still haunted by the Mom jeans incident).


This is sad, because I know you have a head for fashion, as evidenced by your successful self-titled fashion line, Jessica Simpson.


Jess, you’ve got a lot going for you, yet you sabotage your confidence and happiness at every turn. You’ve let yourself be defined by the paparazzi for your poor romantic choices, not your savvy business decisions.

Sadly, as a society, I know we’ve moved far, far beyond proper etiquette and what is considered decent to discuss in public.


Is it too much to ask that we all – celebrities included – act like ladies and gentleman? I’m afraid so. That is a bête noire I’ll save for another post.

However, once a man - or more accurately, a boy –  blatantly disrespects you in the press – don’t you think it’s time to not dignify such things with a response?

In this case, perhaps the price of beauty is silence. It’s golden.

March 15, 2010   3 Comments

High Stakes Style

As I look at the gowns streaming down the red carpet I always wonder what makes a gown Oscar-worthy? Even for those lucky celebs who have numerous occasions to get dolled up for, the Academy Awards are still a pretty monumental wardrobe decision.

So knowing the style stakes are so high, it’s always surprising to me that some actresses can still manage to get it wrong. Of course there’s a few who get it right. These are the Oscars! I expect to be shown something pretty that wows me!  Here’s some highlights from 2010:

Demi Moore – I adored her feminine, perfectly draped, peach ruffle-tiered Versace. She gets my best-dressed vote! The only thing missing? Her perfect accessory-of-a-husband.


Sarah Jessica Parker – I loved her pale yellow, metallic rosette-encrusted Chanel gown. Along with her piled-high hair, it reminded me of something Holly Golightly would wear.


Rachel McAdams – was feminine and pretty in a refreshing watercolor Elie Saab frock in blue, green and pink.

[

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