Her catwalk is the sidewalk.
Her catwalk is the sidewalk.

Medestrian Minutes: Lily

Every girl has her own unique flair for fashion. The Medestrian takes a minute to ask fashionistas a few questions to learn their style advice and secrets in Medestrian Minutes.

To kick off this segment, I’ve asked Mini-Medestrian contributor Lily to share her fashion views.


The setting? Dinner last night at Los Tios in Del Ray with Lily, her brother Billy, and her fashion plate mom, Amy. Lily started off by explaining that yesterday was the exact date of her 6-and-a-half year Birthday.

Lily, always adorable, wore a floral, knee-length skirt with ruffles, a pink sweater, tights, and brown suede boots. She was carrying a pretty pink and white floral purse. Her essentials? Lipgloss and hand sanitizing lotion.

After telling me how much she enjoyed seeing The Lion King on Broadway last weekend, she very graciously agreed to take a minute from her busy schedule to answer my questions…

What is your favorite color?

Lily:    “My very favorite? My very favorite color? Pink. Well… pink…or purple…or green. I would say yellow, too.” Consults with her mother: “Mom, my new favorite colors are pink, purple, green and yellow.”

What do you love to wear?

Lily:    “Dresses and skirts. Yes, dresses…skirts..and shorts. Oh, and shirts! Pants aren’t my favorite, but you know – you have to wear them sometimes.”

What is your favorite music?

Lily:    “Michael Jackson!!”

Who is your best friend?

Lily:    “Kate.”  I ask her if she means her cousin Kate who I know she is very fond of and she says, “No. I thought you asked who my best friend is, not cousin.”  I tell her I stand corrected, make a mental note to stay on my toes, and ask if Kate is a friend from school? She tells me “Yes, I go to school with Kate and she is very, very nice.”

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Lily:    “An artist.”

What are your favorite shoes?

Lily:    “Ballet flats.”  (This is her answer after asking her mom and I “What are those flat shoes that I like with the little bows on them?”)

What is your best fashion advice? Or, what is something that you should never wear?

Lily:    “Well…a cowgirl outfit – a boy should never wear a cowgirl outfit. Oh, and you should never wear a cowgirl outfit and a cowboy outfit at the same time.”

I thank Lily for letting me interview her.

Lily: “Are you sure you don’t have any more questions for me?”

I tell her there are no more questions, and then she asks me “are you sleeping over tonight?”  I tell her it’s a school night but that I would love to take a raincheck.

Oh, to be exactly-six-and-a-half again!

Spending time with Lily & Billy is always in style!

Spending time with Lily & Billy is always in style!

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  • her_royal_pinkness

    this is the cutest interview EVER. LOL.