Her catwalk is the sidewalk.
Her catwalk is the sidewalk.

My Fashion Role Models

It’s no wonder I grew up loving fashion. Before I was even born, style was in the stars for me.  Just look at my chic Mom and Sis!  My adorable sister could barely walk but she already knew the appeal of a pretty bangle on her tiny wrist.  Note my gorgeous Mom’s rockin’ striped cigarette pants and Jackie O hair. Right now I’m wondering, where ARE those cute pants??


My Mom’s style is effortless. Love this easy breezy picture!

Then look at these stylish coats! Maybe that was my first teensy glimpse of the fur that I’m still drawn to today (faux, of course). I wonder what my sassy Sis is thinking about in this picture? Perhaps that she can’t wait to dress up her baby sister in all sorts of pretty outfits…?


Then we had our almost identical outfits. In this pic, I’m clearly in awe of my cool sister, probably studying her carefully in the hopes that I can be just like her someday…


In my free time – when I’m not writing, reading, or running – I’m trying to simplify my life. A recent project was to organize my photos. As many of you know, it can be daunting – but it’s oh-so-worth-it when you find rewards like these little gems I’ve shared today.

Next task: I may be able to purge some of those old copies of Vogue, W and Bazaar.  Thanks to my beloved Dad’s photography, I already have the best collection of archived fashion stored in our cherished family photos, as well as the happiest of memories.

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  • http://lovedeedums.blogspot.com/ Deidre

    Sweet! This just proves that style can't be learned, it's inherited. Contempo Moms should take note – be camera ready even at the playground.

  • ssw

    adorable…maybe if your mom is a 'saver' like me, those pants just MIGHT be up in the attic somewhere……The condition DOES have its benefits!