Her catwalk is the sidewalk.
Her catwalk is the sidewalk.

Pretty Young Things

Each year when the spring & summer collections come out, my Mom will comment that it’s a tempting time to shop because “everything is just so pretty”. Walking by window displays and popping into some stores in the past couple weeks, I’ve realized that same theme rings true this fall.  Everything is just so darn cute!

J. Crew and Banana at Pentagon City get it right again with beautiful tweed skirts and dresses, silk blouses with ruffles, tissue-spun cashmere cardigans with a palette ranging from pastel to jewel-tones, and piles and piles of ladylike, Coco-esque pearls, chains, and ribbons.

South Moon Under at both Clarendon and National Harbor does not disappoint with its mix of bohemian prepster pieces. Stocked with designer-faves like Voom, Aryn K., and Collective Concepts you’ll find the perfect outfit for that special party, date or just a night out with your fellow-PYT’s.

Take a sartorial spin around the shops this weekend and see for yourself. Then, take a deep breath and ask yourself amidst this visual overload of prettiness – am I worth it? No, don’t ask yourself that, silly – of course you are! Instead, ask yourself, “Do I love it?”

My friend Lara, a professed professional non-shopper, told me to ask myself that question every time I select or try on an item, pre-purchase. What great advice! She is wise beyond her non-shopper years.  If you’re honest with yourself answering this question, it will keep you on the straight and narrow, ensuring you only purchase those pretty items that you truly love – and will wear again and again.

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