Her catwalk is the sidewalk.
Her catwalk is the sidewalk.

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Fashion Foliage!

What is it about the first day of fall that can fill a girl with such anticipation? Does it harken back to those early school days, when you couldn’t wait to showcase all your colorful new stuff? Pencil case, notebooks, shoes, knee socks and tights, barrettes and bows? Let’s not forget the lunch-box, and later the backpack – our first real tastes of the “It” bag.

My Autumn ’09 look book is close to completion. Boots, a weakness of mine, are prominently featured and a flat, over-the-knee pair has already been checked off the list. Cut-out suede platforms look great with textured and colored tights. Bejeweled flats are too cute to pass up, as are some new leggings in different colors and patterns. I never gave up on you, leggings! Animal prints, I love you too. Ruffles, you had me at hello.

You can’t beat the dress for a perfect season staple. Preferably a long-sleeved mini or above-the-knee style. Fluid knits in the shape of cardigans and wraps are perfectly chic for layering. Another layering trend this season? Necklaces. Lots and lots of them.

Top it all off with a classy, feminine coat and I’ll be ready to run out the door into the crisp autumn air — perhaps a fringe leather bag will replace the lunch box of my old school days, but the feeling of hope and anticipation remains the same.

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